Young Discover Youthpia Lipstick I always used to fantasize about Youthopia lipsticks. Ain’t they too cute for a lipstick? But don’t be fooled by its size. Even though the lipstick looks small, it’s equal to the quantity of a colorbar lipstick. Yes 4.2gms. I got 3 shades of Youthopia lipstick; all 3 were gifted to me. All the 3 shades are unusual. Youthopia Pink Crush 330 is a frosty pink. However, it’s very moisturising than the other lipsticks I’ve used. Guess because it contains cow ghee and ingredients like kokum butter, honey etc.
Hey Girls.. Today I'm going to review a lipstick from an upcoming brand "Young Discover Youthopia" Sounds interesting right..the name..YOUTHopia :D Let's see what it claims about the lipstick and how far it impressed me.
In my earlier post, I was talking about comfort lipsticks. Soft, gorgeous shades for everyday wear! Actually I had never been a lipstick girl. Kohl and lipbalm were my to go friends but recently my love is turning towards lipsticks.. specially the peachy-pinky-caramel browns Rose damask from Young Discover youthopia has made its way into my HG shades of lipstick !
Hi all !! Today i'd be reviewing a moisturiser from Young Discover Youthopia, and it is their Mango Butter Moisturizer. I can't stop from complaining that over past 2months my skin has turned horribly dry, and almost unstable and moody and more unpredictable, and specially the area around my nose and my chin is so dry and almost brittle that if kept bare the skin might crack and bleed. So what has been my best companion to keep up the dryness at day.